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I-PACE S EV400 Yulong White.
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2019 Jaguar I-Pace SE EV400 Review

Jaguar has been synonymous for luxury and innovation, but things became tough and it wasn’t until Indian car giant, TATA, bought Jaguar Land Rover that the company range went through expansion the likes of which […]

Toyota Hilux Rugged
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2019 Toyota HiLux Rugged Review

Toyota’s marketing machine swung into action last year and came up with a trio of high-end Hilux utes based on dealer intel’ on the most popular accessories fitted by Hilux buyers. Based on this, they […]

2019 Kia Carnival PE Platinum.
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2019 Kia Carnival Platinum Review

Kia Carnival has been a successful model in the years since its original launch. Importantly it was upgraded in mid-2018 with significant improvements in exterior styling refinements and a substantial range of safety and comfort […]

2019 kia cerato gt
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2019 Kia Cerato GT Review

Over the past decade I have road-tested and reviewed every different Kia model and often each different variant available too. It has been a great experience watching this brand come to life and become one […]

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2018 haval h2

2018 Haval H2 Review

This wasn’t my first time in the Haval H2, last year I had a jaunt in the small SUV through dense NT scrub! Check out the details on that unintended adventure here. This time around [...]

2018 Toyota Hilux SR5 Review

When Toyota released the eighth-generation HiLux they made it stronger. Everything has been strengthened, including a thicker frame, stiffer body, new high-torque turbo-diesel engines, advanced six-speed transmissions, beefed-up suspension and brakes, and expanded off-road ability. [...]

2018 Kia Stinger Review

Has there even been a car that has been more hyped than the Kia Stinger? Probably not, luckily the big Kia sedan/hatch mostly lives up to that hype and is likely to be a big [...]

2018 Kia Sportage GT-Line Review

Kia launched the all new Sportage early in 2016 with a fresh design in a market that is becoming increasingly popular, competitive and homogenised by designers. The all new fourth generation model is more a [...]

2018 Citroen C3 Launch Review

Citroen has a long and varied history in Australia. Over the last few years the brand has seemed to drift away to almost nothing. This was a combination of both local issues and financial pressures [...]